“If a person aspires towards a righteous life, their first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” — Albert Einstein

Peaco Todd

Peaco Todd, a syndicated cartoonist and author, has published numerous articles and co-authored/illustrated books on subjects ranging from anger management to football. A full gallery of her work can be found at Peacotoons 

Most recently, Peaco illustrated Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Change. For more than thirty years, she was an assistant professor of liberal studies at Lesley University and the Union Institute and University.  Peaco is thrilled that Earth Comix has found its role in partnering with organizations such as Canines for Africa to use cartoons and comics to raise awareness about the danger of extinction by poaching faced by iconic animals like elephants and rhinos.

One of her passions is travel — she has touched the bottom of the world on two continents: South America and Africa.  She considers herself blessed with a life that has been filled with adventure, including a 6-month sojourn on the Dick Newick-designed yacht “Rogue Wave” on its journey from Spain to Dubai.  In her spare time she has been known to run half-marathons, and each year is a “minor domo” in the annual Ig Nobelâ Award Ceremony.  More examples of her work are posted at www.peacotoons.com.

John Bradley

John F. Bradley is a PE (Professional Engineer), attorney, and engineering consultant with more than fifty years of chemical engineering experience. For forty years he has worked in the environmental field, on projects ranging from water desalination to pollution reduction.  His private consulting practice, established twenty years ago, has assisted manufacturing firms in reducing their environmental impact and improving operations by reducing the amount of environmentally harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.  As an attorney, he focuses on environmental law.

He has traveled to some forty countries on six continents, including six months hitchhiking through Europe and a year working in Italy.  A former marathon runner, including the Boston Marathon several times, he still runs half-marathons.

John is currently examining production and marketing of biochar, a promising potential solution for reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, with side benefits of improved soil fertility and moisture retention.

He can be reached through his website, www.bradleytodd.com.